TIN CAN SALLY • Sally Seamans • Recycled Tin Art and Jewelry
TIN CAN SALLY, aka Sally Seamans, creates whimsical, colorful, joyful birds, fish, collages, art dolls, jewelry, mobiles, tin clothing and more from printed tin containers of all shapes and sizes. Sally finds her tins at yard sales, flea markets, antique shops, in attics and basements. She can be found, quite often, with her legs dangling out of a dumpster. Sally is a true tin hunter/gatherer. She uses olive oil tins, cookie tins, spice tins, coffee tins, tea tins, candy tins, sardine tins, anchovy tins, biscuit tins, soy sauce tins, mustard tins, curry tins, ethnic food tins, popcorn tins, sewing tins and mint tins. TIN CAN SALLY is Sally Seamans from Gloucester, MA. She greatly appreciates any tins that are kindly recycled her way.

FLOCK, Installation of 386 tin birds, 2009.
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